The first Women Connect magazine will be released on the 15th October 2020. The focus of the Women Connect Magazine is to provide extreme value to its readers in editorials on the product and services and the people behind the scene in Women Connect. Next year we will offer advertising space and advertorial. 
Everyone Agrees...
That exposure in a magazine can boost your brand or service - it's all about educating the readers and adding value that sets you apart from the norm.
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An exclusive look into the people who run Women Connect, the products and services offered within this platform and the exciting news and interviews of celebrities, and business owners who are the backbone of this organisation. Competitions and great gifts are given away in each issue. This magazine also gives their members an opportunity of getting exposure and all members get this magazine for free. We are a bi-monthly magazine and the next issue will be available on the 15th December. Our Christmas issue is going to be amazing.
Dwelling into the lives of the professional people behind the scene, their products, services and the exciting events and experiences that are happening in their lives. It's all about Connecting, Educating and there is a rewards program that is available for members.
  • Great: News and Interviews
  • Loved: Products and Services
  • Trusted: Personalities and Professional Business Owners
Women Connect is for the modern woman who wants to lead a fulfilled and beautiful life. She cares about her body, mind and spirit. She is open to learning new things and wants to explore different industries, especially online, that will assist her in finding her passion and her path. 

She takes good care of herself, so she looks to Women Connect for thoughtful articles on health and wellness. But she also has an urgency to learn something new that will transform her journey into one of ease, joy and glory. The Women Connect reader is intelligent and engaged in her world. She's a pop-culture fan and an avid reader, and she's curious about social trends shaping her life. 

Reading Women Connect is essential to her as it's a 'feel good' experience. It makes her feel confident that anything is possible. It builds her belief in herself. But most of all, it gives her the opportunity to connect with other women and hear their stories. 
She loves Women Connect because she no longer feels alone.
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